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I first became in interested in opiate addiction when I discovered that my son was addicted to heroin. I spent years trying to find effective treatment for him and learned far more about the subject and its impact on families than I ever wanted to know. With my son now in recovery, I have turned my efforts toward trying to help others. Part of this was writing The Weight of a Feather: A Mother's Journey through the Opiate Addiction Crisis. I hope that other parents who have a child with an addiction will find camaraderie in its pages and that it will help put a face on addiction for others trying to advocate for better services and legislation.


My background? I have a Master's Degree in Social Work, a Master's Degree in English and years working as an educator, a school district administrator, an adolescent therapist and a counselor. I currently teach writing at one of my local colleges, volunteer on a help-line and am on the Board of Directors of Columbia County Pathways to Recovery.  For a copy of The Weight of a Feather, order directly through this website or through Amazon, Barnes and Noble or any of your favorite bookstores.


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